Area 1 Tournament Bracket is Out!

Going into the tournament here are the seeds:

  1. Bear Grass
  2. Dare County
  3. Washington
  4. Cary Colts
  5. Albemarle
  6. Cary Bulls
  7. Windsor
  8. Ahoskie

First round of games will take place Tuesday July 5th at Manteo High School. Here are the game times:

Game 1: 10:00 AM 2 Dare County vs 7 Windsor

Game 2: 1:oo PM 1 Bear Grass vs 8 Ahoskie

Game 3: 4:00 PM 3 Washington vs 6 Cary Bulls

Game 4: 7:00 PM 4 Cary Colts vs 5 Albemarle


One response to “Area 1 Tournament Bracket is Out!

  1. Must no need a gate,got the host team and no. 1 seed playing first in the morning


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